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What is the estimated delivery date of my order?

My product is not delivered yet. The number given by courier partner is not reachable. How to contact them?

My order is unshipped, I would like to cancel my order?

The order has been shipped, but I would like to cancel my order.

I would like to know about your return policy?

I need to receive my order by a specific date. Can you help me?

I need to change the delivery address. How can I do that?

Can you do something for a speedy delivery?

Can you call me on my number while delivering?

Can I pay via EMI?

I am out of station can the product come when I come back to my house?

My order was cancelled but I never called. I want to purchase the product.

FAQs on Product quality

Will stone color get discolored?

Can I please have the pictures of the products?

I want to buy a pendant and matching earring set?

FAQs while buying (Sizes etc)

What is the size of ring?

Could you please add a note while delivering the parcel. I forgot while ordering

Is there any sale or offer going on now?

Can you please check my order is confirmed or not?